Tuesday, June 12, 2012

London's Journal: Roddy Lane

Roddy Lane

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

                They say true love comes when you least expect it which I believe. Nonetheless, only because you find true love once does not mean that you will never find it again. At the time, I was unsure if this was true love. Later on, I realized it was only a summer love, and, eventually, I knew Roddy Lane and I were not meant to be.
                “Hey Babe.” Was his unusual greeting when we met up. His skin smooth, the color of roasted almonds. He wore an orange polo and white basketball shorts. His real name was Rodney but anyone I liked deserved their very own, London issued nickname, so I called him Roddy.
                We were taking a drive to the beach which I was completely excited for. It was how we were celebrating our first official month of dating and it would be our first extended trip together.
                “Hey handsome.” I said back. He was handsome, but it took time for me to grow to that realization. His looks were not what initially attracted me to him, it was his kind personality. I knew I cared for him and I loved to be in his presence. He was so funny and had good taste in music. He always tried singing and I’d tease him that he was awful. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t awful at anything and he was a really good person all around. He loved the Lord like me, too.
                His phone rang several times on the ride down, in which he consistently ignored each call.
                “Who was calling, anyways?” I asked casually but was dying to know, once we reached our destination.
                “Don’t know but I’m with my babe so they can wait.” He said while he turned his phone off, unconcernedly.
                I walked with Roddy on the boardwalk, hand in hand, and splashed with him in the ocean. Overall it was a pleasurable day and a fond memory to add to our relationship timeline. As the days end drew near, I was beginning to view him in a different light, that this was someone I could be really serious with. This could be someone where things really go long-term.
                Roddy went into the bathroom and I sat out on the bench while I read a Facebook message on my phone from a girl I recognized to be Roddy’s ex named India. It was a lengthy, yet, informative message letting me know that Roddy was still in love with her, that he and her slept together while him and I started dating, and she was where he’d always be. I wanted to take this girl’s words with a grain of salt but I knew better. I knew Roddy would deny her accusations, just as Jerome denied the accusations taken against him as well. It hurt. I wasn’t anywhere near heartbroken but it stung. And even though I forgave and tried at the relationship again, I never forgot.
                Further into the relationship, things cooled down. After a sincere attempt to bring each other closer, India somehow weaseled her way back into the picture. And she did that often and there was no way for Roddy to control the situation. India was the most sour part of the relationship. Therefore, I gave up. I wanted to enjoy life, and give more focus to school instead of a complicated relationship.
                I came to the realization that some relationships are drama and unless you want to give your all in that relationship, you’re not going to want to deal with that relationship; especially if the drama presented itself from the gate. Even though Roddy was a good person, there was a lot of drama that came with him. India wasn’t the only person who didn’t approve of the relationship and chose to voice her feelings about it. When you experience true love, you want to fight tooth and nail for that person, and that wasn’t happening for me. Maybe it could’ve, but I couldn’t forget.
                All in all I learned not every happy relationship is true love. Actions speak way louder than words. They actually scream the obvious. If someone isn’t worth the fight, do not waste your time. If you want someone to stay by your side until the end of your days, infidelity isn’t the way to get there.

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