Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London's Journal: London's Lucky Surprise

This will be London's final entry. This is her closing chapter. Read on to find out what London has learned from her lucky surprise!
Discaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
My lucky surprise won’t be named, I’ll refer to him as Him/He. He is one of the most amazing things to ever cross my path and for him I will be forever grateful. He has rescued me from a LONG history of poor decision making. Specifically, in men. He has shown me how a real man looks, acts, treats a lady, and dreams. He has opened my eyes to maturity and intelligence. It would help that I met him in college. 6 years ago we met and became instant friends. My eyes were hidden under a thick veil of ignorance to the point where I couldn’t recognize the wonderful person that stood in front of me all this time. I continued to choose men who chose infidelity over me, and lack of ambition over a potentially successful relationship. After a little bit of recent time for reflection and research, every accusation and prediction of the three previous ‘boys’ mentioned has proved to be true. Right on target. What in the world was I thinking!?
However, it no longer matters what I was thinking because I know how I am thinking now. Time has changes and so has London.

You never know where life will take you. You never know how the decision you make today may affect you tomorrow. But when you know something, you know. What I do know is, that many past relationships were bundled together to create Roddy, Jerome, and Gerald. Also, I know that other relationships were not mentioned and will remain my private story for my own personal reasons. I do know that, regardless if the story, person, or relationship was shared, it’s in my past. It’s history and that’s where it’ll stay. I’ve said and shared what I wanted and know I don’t need to relive it anymore. I also know that my “he” is my future. That no one has even began to even touch the surface that he has. He has answered every question and healed every wound. He is someone that blesses every life he touches. He is someone who knows me inside and out and loves me unconditionally. He loves God and I recognize him to be my gift from God. He shares his love with everyone in my life. Simply a rare human being all around.
For him I am forever grateful because he will forever be in my world. As I completely close all my previous chapters, I welcome this one with open arms. Thank you Jesus!

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