Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gerald Yarnall

Discaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Gerald Yarnall
                “Who is that?” I asked my friend Andrea while visiting her church. He was shorter but had pretty looking skin the color of cocoa beans, the most gentle looking eyes, and the absolutely most gorgeous smile I ever seen.
                “Gerald Yarnall, stay away.”
                I pouted but I knew I wasn’t going to stay away. I simply couldn’t and I died to know more about him.
                “Hi, London, right?” he came up to me and shook my hand. I couldn’t help but blush. His clothes looked like they were tailored to fit him. Everything was coordinated with a tailored fit. He looked like a model. He probably was. An underwear model, perhaps.
                “Yes.” Was all my mind could muster up.
                He gave me another stunning smile and left to mingle amongst other people.
                “Don’t fall for it. He already talks to Emmy. Major Player.” She grabs my hand; waking me from the trance Gerald just put me in.
                “He can’t be that bad.” I said to Andrea on our drive home.
                “But I told you he is, so steer clear.” I listened to her warning, even considered it, but couldn’t help friend him on a social network. The hunt was on. I recognized him as something I couldn’t have and that only made me want him more. Emmy could have him, when I was through, of course. I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing I could have him. Little did I know, he was better at this game and in the end, I was the only one being played.
                As a part of my master plan, I grew a friendship with Gerald and he seemed to be the opposite of everything Andrea warned me about. He had no problem treating me to nice things, gave me attention when I needed it, told me sweet nothings, and feed me empty promises. All these things were given to me, Emmy, and I was sure a host of other females, as well.  A crush on my end developed and in my own mind and heart, I was certain the same feelings were blossoming on the other side. As he was to me, I was a target to him. Targets for two different reasons, of course.
                In an effort to chase after what I couldn’t have, I ran myself into one of his traps. In the end, Gerald didn’t get exactly what he came for either. And to my surprise, once I woke up from what he and I were both doing, our “friendship” slowly dwindled into nothing. I learned that just because a man is handsome, confident, and things seem picture perfect on his end aren’t a completely good enough reason to get caught in his web. And if things don’t seem right, they aren’t.
                I met someone after Gerald, soon after. Someone special who never in his life displayed the characteristics Jermone, Rodney, or Gerald displayed. Someone genuine, honest, kind, and true. People like that still exsits to my surprise. My lucky surprise. Very lucky surprise.

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