Saturday, February 25, 2012

Women and Abusive Relationships: A Sad Truth

I'm not an expert on the topic but due to recent events I feel I want to bring awareness to the topic of women in abusive relationships.
Why do women return to abusive relationships?
Fear for their lives. Fear for the lives of others involved. Fear of being alone.
It could be because children have been brought into the situation and the women want to stay for them. Or, economically the women feel they can't afford to leave. 
Many girls aware that are aware that they're in an abusive relationship but they make excuses for the man boy they are with. He'll change, it was an accident, he was stressed, it was my fault. They claim they need to stay because they love him and many look at the situation as he is the only who will love them. Why?
Low self-esteem.
Being in any type of abusive relationship can severely lower your self-esteem. With the belittling acts, the running outside of the relationship, the physical abuse, the harsh names, the threats, etc how could any women stand that, everyday. Constantly being beaten down.
"Any person who loves you would not feel comfortable repeatedly hurting you."
It's sad. Simple as that. And it's happening way too often. Look at the highly publicized relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Regardless, if she has forgiven him, she should forgive and move on, not involve him in her work and her future projects.   
Abusive relationships aren't defined by physical abuse alone. Emotionally and mentally abusive relationships are just as harmful.
If you or someone you know or love is in an abusive relationship please contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) Please take advantage of all options available to you. Talk to someone and be supportive to those who need you.
"Moral of the story is love is not pain."
Quotes are courtesy of "When The Bad Outweighs the Good" written by Satara Cali. For more information on Satara Cali's article "When The Bad Outweighs the Good" please contact her at visit her at and follow her on twitter @thaatcaligood.

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