Thursday, December 8, 2011

Author Introduction: Cynthia Martinez

This next author introduction is a real treat! For both you and me, I promise! Cynthia Martinez is the blogger behind, my favorite blog I follow rigtht now. Her honesty is hilarious! She shares stories of her family to stories about her day and it's all well worth the read. Please continue to read on and learn about her, her reasons for writing, what she's working on, etc. She has experienced a lot and therefore, she's a woman full of stories and young wisdom. (Plus, she's the oldest in her family like me, so that makes her automatically awesome!) Overall, her message for bloggers and asprining writers is full of great advice that everyone can walk away with.

Briefly tell us about yourself?

My government name is Cynthia Martinez, however socially I have been called worse. I'm a daughter of immigrants and a native to Los Angeles, and although we might not be the greatest city in the world our weather is decent, cue my glowing tan. I'm a former Teacher and Union Representative turned writer.
What prompted you to start writing?

I'm the oldest of 5 girls and raised in a household where I felt my audial voice was never heard, on top of that I was also privy to an overactive imagination that no one wanted to let loose.....and kinda sort of an idiot savant when it comes to things....needless to say I was a loud mouth at school where I felt freedom. At age 8 as "punishment" I had a teacher sit me in a corner and told to me to write anything that would keep my quiet for an hour while the rest of the class finished up their test, it led to me finding a space to express not only my voice and imagination, as Oprah says it was my Ah-uh moment.

 Quickly tell us about your hilarious blog. 

 I started Fat Girl Escapades as way to get my feet wet with people reading my writing ( I was a closeted writer beforehand) and as way for me to express my personal battle with weight which is best described as eating salads during the day and sweetbread at night. I write about all things fluffy and of ways to attempt to become fluff-less, in other words I'm not against crash dieting.

What are some other great blogs you follow?

 I am a blog troll so there are about 47 blogs that I consistently read every day ( or whenever they post). I think my two faves right now are bitches gotta eat and the Ella Project .....really I might have just short changed like another really good 20 blogs by not mentioning them.

What are your aspirations as a writer?

 To be published, to be read and understood. If ever I could be compared to anything half as good as Isabelle Allende or Upton Sinclair, my dreams have been reached.

What are you currently working on, if anything?

 I am currently working on three projects( Remember I said oldest child syndrome....taking on too much is a symptom)  The first is a children story based of the first story I ever wrote at age 8, where hopefully kids can understand the need for understanding and giving. The Second is a novel, which is in a editing stage of , and it talks about my tales as a union activist and brings to light the injustices committed against workers. The third is a historical novel with a romantic twist, it will talk about war and its affect on people and two very special Latin Lovers.

Any advice you have for bloggers, writers, and fluffies alike?

 For bloggers and writers READ, you need to know what is being written and how it is being received, and most importantly how you feel about what was said or how it was said.Writing is more than just writing eloquently it's about getting your inner voice out, and reading what is going on can definitely  get you closer to that inner voice. To my fluffies, writers, and bloggers in general, don't take yourself or life too seriously. It's not about how people perceive you, it's about how YOU perceive yourself ; it's not about the end result its about the journey.....make your own rules make your own path, in the end wouldn't you like to sound like Sinatra and belt out " I Did it My WAAAAAAAAAAAY!"

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