Thursday, November 3, 2011

True Love!

Ciao Amico!
After slight contemplation on what my next blog idea should be about, I thought about something that I have been fornuate to been blessed with last year, until the present. This same thing that has been recentely misused or misrepresented by someone getting married for publicity, make a significant profit off of it, lie about it all, and then say the publicity is too much and overwhelming. Anything for a dollar? No? I didn't think so. This thing is LOVE, in my case true love, in Kim Kardashians case, love for the network, E!

Now, if you are like me, you've seen the headlines about Kim KarTRASHian and her "sham" of a wedding to poor Kris Humphries, to which she denies the allegations of it being fake. Of course, we believe her. Why would she lie to us? *insert side eye* 72 days of measily wedded bliss to end, and the victim finds out about it on  TMZ, just like the rest of us! Most of us know better, regardless of what her mother, Kris Jenner, is attempting to spread about Kim and how the wedding was real love, no profit was gained she shoves her new "tell-all" book down our throats. Real believable.

Regardless, true love is a real and powerful force. Some shy away from the thought of love, even sprint in the opposite direction when they see love coming their way. Others, are hopeless romantics, and spend much of their lonely nights, wishing to a sparkle in the night sky on meeting "the one." If you are like myself, you no longer run from the word, rather you embrace it because you no longer have to wish on a star to meet that one. I thought of a few ways to determine if you have met that one true love. A short, to the point list, that Kim Kardashian should use in reference the next time around. ( JLO, too.)

Are your conflicts fewer and drama minimal? And your debates no longer awkward but a mere conversation to help one another get on the same page?

Are your family and friends approve, and are geninuely happy for you because they see the same great qualities in that person that you see?

Do both of you synch well together, as in you both want similar things? These things could include life goals, morals and values, hobbies, or even favorite food!

You respect the person, and you want to see them happy because their happiness is important to you. Do you do everything in your power to ensure they remain smiling?

Do you no longer look for thrills to remain attached to them? Meaning you no longer need nice gifts or an adventourous date to enjoy their company; you enjoy mundane things with them only because that person is there to share the activity with you.

Did you find any of these qualities in the abrupt marriage between Kim and Kris? Don't worry, I'll wait.  All in all, love is a powerful and beautiful thing that can really take away loneliness and pain. Having someone to love, someone to grow with is a wonderful thing; it is something that no numerical value can be placed on. What Kim KarTRASHian did was absolutely disgusting, and a complete disgrace. Who did the KarTRASHian's think they were fooling when they wanted to us to believe the hype? When are we going to stop supporting the KarTRASHian gravy train? Spend your time, love, and focus with your true love!

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