Monday, November 21, 2011

Author Introduction with writer Satara Cali!

I find it's important for authors to come together and really support one another. There is so much talent yet to be discovered. Satara Cali (aka @thaatCALIgood) is a young woman of great intelligence and pure talent. After a brief set of general questions for her, Satara Cali gave great and valuable answers! Read on to find out all the ways she uses her talent of writing to what she personally struggles with as a writer, and more!! 

My name is Satara Cali, I was born, raised and still reside in the capitol of the world : New York City lol. My hobby is writing (free writing, poetry, songs, I do it all) , it's more than a hobby, it's a lifeline.

What sparks my creativity? I wish I had one particular answer for that. All sorts of things spark my creativity. I would have to say music sparks my creativity more than anything. It also effects my emotions most of the time, unfortunately. I could have had a horrible day and an uplifting song can change that in 3 minutes.
I digress, all forms of art spark my creativity. That being music, museums, photography, poetry or just the art of language itself. I'd also have to credit girl talk with my closest friends are one of the things that spark my creativity the most.

I feel my writing fits into non fiction, fiction (based on true stories and poetry.)

Franchesca Lia Block is my favorite author. Her fictional/fantasy books quinch my creative thirst in ways unexplainable. Her writing style is out of the box and I aim for that on my blog and during my spoken word performances. The way she captivates your attention is sort of suspenseful. You have to read the entire story or hear the whole piece or you'll leave wanting more, question everything you heard and what you didn't get to hear.

I don't think I ever deal with 'writers block'. I do, however, have an issue of caring too much what people think of me or moreso what they label me as. Therefore, I may write something, actually I always have finished blogs or pieces in my draft folder, but I'm so worried what people would think of me "going there" so I never publish it. A lot the things I write or speak about are troubles and secrets that haunt most families but also die with those families. I'm not one for taking my troubles to the grave I like to speak on them but I don't want anyone to criticize me for it.

I'm currently working on my own YouTube channel of my spoken word pieces. I'm afraid what my family will think of the things I have to say about my upbringing so its a work in progress. It will be out before the new year. I am also working on an advice website/blog with a writer friend of mine. It will equally be both of ours. I have some other things underway, as well, but I want to focus on those two things first and see where they go. I do not want to spread myself too thin or overwhelm the people that continuously support me.

Places you can find her:
Twitter: thaatcaligood

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