Monday, November 28, 2011

Author Introduction with Mazz Nixon!

Mazz Nixon is a young aspiring author from England! Read on to find out what started her writing to what other activities she's currently juggling her time with!

Briefly tell us about yourself? (name, location, hobby...etc)
My name is Maryann Nixon but most people just call me Mazz, not sure why, it started when I was around 9. I've just turned 17 and live in Cornwall, England where I study at college doing A-Levels in Fine art, Photography, English lit/lang and Psychology. I have many hobbies; art, photography writing, reading and blogging and I work too so life is pretty hectic. 

What sparks your creativity? 
I've always been a creative person, art has just always been something I've done because I love pretty things and I seem to have a ton of imagination, writing came later only after my 15th birthday actually. I can't really explain what sparks my creativity it's just who I am.  

What genre(s) do you feel your writing fits into?
It's a bit of everything, fantasy, paranormal, (not that dark but a little) dark romance, young adult and a little dystopian maybe. 

Who are some writers you pay tribute to? Maybe some that inspired you to write, or writers that you merely enjoy their work?
It was the moment I finished reading Fallen by Lauren Kate than I picked up my laptop and wrote the very first page for the book which is now the first of a series, so I pay tribute to her and that series! There are a lot of authors I basically worship just to pick a few that have out right amazed me are: Josephine Angelini with Starcrossed, Tabitha Suzuma with Forbidden and Lauren Oliver with Delirium.  

Do you deal with the infamous 'writers block' and what are ways you work around it? (Or even, what are some other struggles you face as a writer.)
Yes tons, especially at the minute. It's all down to the fact I actually don't plan my books, I just write because I love the spontaneity, it always works well for me. However it means that when one of my dramatic twists leaves me will a choice to how the book will from then progress it can take me a few months of not writing at all to finally come up with something, sometimes it just needs time. But other times it's just because I'm distracted by twitter or something, so I turn it off and make myself write a certain amount of words or pages before I can go back on- really works to get you motivated! And what helps me the most is just being inspired, I always go on to the a photography website which has some great inspirational photos and quotes on it. I have a quote/doodle book that is like my comfort blanket for writing so if I'm stuck I'll flick through that and also sometimes just reading little bits of work I've already done boosts me to keep going. 

What projects are you currently working on? 
I am currently working on the sequel to my first ever book- I plan for it to turn into a Trilogy, and on the side I have another YA vampire novel left half written. I plan to finish the sequel by 2012 and have finished the whole trilogy by the end of 2012- but we'll see because I have A-level exams *sigh* If you are a teenage blogger&writer who's still at school doing GCSE's or at college doing further education I salute you, it's tough; never give up though so worth it.

Where can we find you? (website, twitter, e-mail, etc)
You can find me on my blog here:
And on twitter here:!/MazzNixon
Goodreads username: Maryann Nixon
If you want to chat privately or ask me something e-mail me here (but please no spam): smileess_ox at hotmail dot com 
I have a facebook but that is mostly to keep in touch with old school friends.

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