Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Author Introduction: Jada Dior!

Jada Dior is a Philadelphia native who refuses to let unfortunate circumstances stop her from chasing down her dreams and sharing her story with the world! Please read this inspiring author introduction with published author Jada Dior!!

Briefly tell us about yourself?

Jada: Hey my name is Jada Dior.  I’m from North Philadelphia Bad Land.  I’m a strong woman with many stories to share with the world.  I love to write but I just don’t write I write what I see the shit that’s going on everyday.  I wanna be a change and if I can help the world with my stories. I will!  I come from nothing but my circumstances couldn’t stop me.  I will Succeed!    

What prompted you to start writing?

Jada:  I have always wanted to write but what really inspired me to start writing was Author Miasha my mentor.  She had written a book and when I got back in contact with her she had already published two novels.  It was unbelievable and prior to that I had just been in a very bad accident which could have ended the life of mines and others.  I wanted to change my life so I started writing so that I could share my story with other and help prevent them from going the way I could have went if I didn’t put a change to it.  Now I’m being interview on my first novel. ; )

Who is your favorite author, and how has he/she influenced your own writing? 

Jada:  I like Sistah Souljah, Author Miasha, Michele Fletcher each of these authors inspire me in their own way.  Great authors!

What is something you struggle with as an author?

Jada:  Nothing I love being an author.

Quickly tell us about your most recent publication, What the Streets Made me.

Jada:  What The Streets Made Me is about Kyana who is raised by her grandmother due to her parents incarceration. But when Kyana’s grandmother becomes addicted to crack Kyana turns to the streets for survival living a life she never excepted from high speed chase, robbery to using almost every drug out there.  But when the streets turn on her will she survive in the streets of Philly or will she be caught up in the what the streets made her?

Now that you have your first work published, are you working on any new projects or taking some time off?

Jada:  Yes!  I’m working on my new project Mercedes the anthology for La Femme Fatale which is Coming Soon including myself and my LFF label-mates! Also Kyana No Way Out the sequel to What The Streets Made Me is in the works now.  So make sure you guys stay on the look out for those books.   

Any advice you have for aspiring writers or novelists? 

Jada:  Write! Get your thoughts out on paper.  Get in the zone and get into your character.  Don’t Give Up!  Chase your dreams and make it happen!  You are the one to make it all come true if you just believe and work hard at what you believe in.  Stay on top of it!

Where can we find you?
What prompted you to start writing?


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