Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leave "Play Pretend" in Preschool

I've been thinking and noticing this particular topic lately, and it is something I am trying desperately trying to understand. Why do people try so hard to portray a life they do not live? Or, they create a persona that in no way, shape, or form, actually emulates their actual true character? Has everyone in the US, decided that making a twitter account has made them automatic celebrities. I've witnessed people completely fabricate the activities of their day online. To this day, I am still wondering the point.

Behind these facades are real individuals with real stories to share. Not everyone online is a CEO, rap star, model, or actress. Not everyone online is as successful as they'd like you to believe. Not everyone is living the lives of famous musicians and actors. Only those without, will flaunt these lives. Bragging compensates for what one lacks. Unemployment is still high, stop it. Please, save the nonsense. You are transparent as they come.

I personally think online social network sites are the perfect way for people to get to know the real you, to allow a little vulnerability, especially to those using social media to branch out their career. To network, to promote yourself. If it is your career goal to be someone other than yourself, such as an actor would, it is still no reason to make up your whole day trying to impress everyone watching. People will catch your bluff, no doubt.

For the same reason I dont understand how you have the time to make things up, I am wondering how I have the time to be annoyed about it. LOL

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