Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Epiphany

I’m sitting at work and the time on the dusty computer screen reads 4:00am. Completely running off fumes, I officially decided to begin to re-watch the seasons of Ugly Betty, laughing at America Ferrea’s character, Betty Suarez’s, colorful outfits. Not only her outfits, but her interactions with all the other characters I love. On top of that, Danny Pino being featured in the telenovela on the Suarez’s living room television is a definite plus. Needless to say, I miss Ugly Betty!! Moving forward.
As I’m sitting here, enjoying myself way more than I should be, I am asking myself, what am I doing? I’ve been in the same job for the past four years that has no real possibility for career advancement. I recognized that when I was first hired, but it was okay because I was enrolled in college. Went to college, that’s right. A traditional four year college, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration; concentration in Human Resource Management. All that means a whole lot of nada today. Please, do not get me wrong. School is imperative and I strongly encourage it! The point I’m making is that it seems to be no longer enough. This economy has deemed it very difficult for recent college graduates to find work. Many of us are in competition with experienced people who may have been laid off of work and are looking to get their foot back in the door even though many of us are looking for a door to stick a toe in.  At least this is what I’m experiencing.
As I’ve previously mentioned in a past blog entry, this year has been extremely rocky for me. Many lows and a few highs. I’m not here to complain about it, I recognize this rollercoaster ride to simply be life. Regardless, 2012 has been pretty difficult. Could be worse, but could be way better. I know that things you deal with in your lifetime can be out of your control but I also know some things are completely in your control. My current upset about not finding work in my field, in spite of the struggles, completely in my control. And watching Betty Suarez, with her bangs, braces, and poncho has really put things into perspective for me. Fully aware this is a made up television show, completely fictional, and far-fetched, Betty’s drive, passion, and willingness to think outside of the box is something to learn from.
I did not go to school for writing, I can’t even stand the thought of it. This is something I love to do in my spare time, and not once have I had a lack of ambition or passion to write. I write almost every day and I have big dreams of self-publishing a successful book. I use the Paige Hurtado blog as a stage, to feel comfortable with people listening to my voice and getting used to my style of writing. I also aim to share things I am learning in my lifetime, in hopes that from my experiences others can learn. That’s the best thing to do with an audience watching. I do want to channel how I treat my writing to my business career as well. It’s an everyday thing, and no question about where I see myself. If I have a dream, it’s my job and responsibility to see it through.
I thank you for reading this entry. As usual, if you’re a new author and are looking for a new platform to get your name in public eye please e-mail for the option of being featured on Paige Hurtado for an author introduction. Also, any past author’s that have been featured and have new information and would want to be featured for an author update please contact me as well.
Have a great weekend. Xo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London's Journal: London's Lucky Surprise

This will be London's final entry. This is her closing chapter. Read on to find out what London has learned from her lucky surprise!
Discaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
My lucky surprise won’t be named, I’ll refer to him as Him/He. He is one of the most amazing things to ever cross my path and for him I will be forever grateful. He has rescued me from a LONG history of poor decision making. Specifically, in men. He has shown me how a real man looks, acts, treats a lady, and dreams. He has opened my eyes to maturity and intelligence. It would help that I met him in college. 6 years ago we met and became instant friends. My eyes were hidden under a thick veil of ignorance to the point where I couldn’t recognize the wonderful person that stood in front of me all this time. I continued to choose men who chose infidelity over me, and lack of ambition over a potentially successful relationship. After a little bit of recent time for reflection and research, every accusation and prediction of the three previous ‘boys’ mentioned has proved to be true. Right on target. What in the world was I thinking!?
However, it no longer matters what I was thinking because I know how I am thinking now. Time has changes and so has London.

You never know where life will take you. You never know how the decision you make today may affect you tomorrow. But when you know something, you know. What I do know is, that many past relationships were bundled together to create Roddy, Jerome, and Gerald. Also, I know that other relationships were not mentioned and will remain my private story for my own personal reasons. I do know that, regardless if the story, person, or relationship was shared, it’s in my past. It’s history and that’s where it’ll stay. I’ve said and shared what I wanted and know I don’t need to relive it anymore. I also know that my “he” is my future. That no one has even began to even touch the surface that he has. He has answered every question and healed every wound. He is someone that blesses every life he touches. He is someone who knows me inside and out and loves me unconditionally. He loves God and I recognize him to be my gift from God. He shares his love with everyone in my life. Simply a rare human being all around.
For him I am forever grateful because he will forever be in my world. As I completely close all my previous chapters, I welcome this one with open arms. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gerald Yarnall

Discaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Gerald Yarnall
                “Who is that?” I asked my friend Andrea while visiting her church. He was shorter but had pretty looking skin the color of cocoa beans, the most gentle looking eyes, and the absolutely most gorgeous smile I ever seen.
                “Gerald Yarnall, stay away.”
                I pouted but I knew I wasn’t going to stay away. I simply couldn’t and I died to know more about him.
                “Hi, London, right?” he came up to me and shook my hand. I couldn’t help but blush. His clothes looked like they were tailored to fit him. Everything was coordinated with a tailored fit. He looked like a model. He probably was. An underwear model, perhaps.
                “Yes.” Was all my mind could muster up.
                He gave me another stunning smile and left to mingle amongst other people.
                “Don’t fall for it. He already talks to Emmy. Major Player.” She grabs my hand; waking me from the trance Gerald just put me in.
                “He can’t be that bad.” I said to Andrea on our drive home.
                “But I told you he is, so steer clear.” I listened to her warning, even considered it, but couldn’t help friend him on a social network. The hunt was on. I recognized him as something I couldn’t have and that only made me want him more. Emmy could have him, when I was through, of course. I just wanted the satisfaction of knowing I could have him. Little did I know, he was better at this game and in the end, I was the only one being played.
                As a part of my master plan, I grew a friendship with Gerald and he seemed to be the opposite of everything Andrea warned me about. He had no problem treating me to nice things, gave me attention when I needed it, told me sweet nothings, and feed me empty promises. All these things were given to me, Emmy, and I was sure a host of other females, as well.  A crush on my end developed and in my own mind and heart, I was certain the same feelings were blossoming on the other side. As he was to me, I was a target to him. Targets for two different reasons, of course.
                In an effort to chase after what I couldn’t have, I ran myself into one of his traps. In the end, Gerald didn’t get exactly what he came for either. And to my surprise, once I woke up from what he and I were both doing, our “friendship” slowly dwindled into nothing. I learned that just because a man is handsome, confident, and things seem picture perfect on his end aren’t a completely good enough reason to get caught in his web. And if things don’t seem right, they aren’t.
                I met someone after Gerald, soon after. Someone special who never in his life displayed the characteristics Jermone, Rodney, or Gerald displayed. Someone genuine, honest, kind, and true. People like that still exsits to my surprise. My lucky surprise. Very lucky surprise.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

London's Journal: Roddy Lane

Roddy Lane

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

                They say true love comes when you least expect it which I believe. Nonetheless, only because you find true love once does not mean that you will never find it again. At the time, I was unsure if this was true love. Later on, I realized it was only a summer love, and, eventually, I knew Roddy Lane and I were not meant to be.
                “Hey Babe.” Was his unusual greeting when we met up. His skin smooth, the color of roasted almonds. He wore an orange polo and white basketball shorts. His real name was Rodney but anyone I liked deserved their very own, London issued nickname, so I called him Roddy.
                We were taking a drive to the beach which I was completely excited for. It was how we were celebrating our first official month of dating and it would be our first extended trip together.
                “Hey handsome.” I said back. He was handsome, but it took time for me to grow to that realization. His looks were not what initially attracted me to him, it was his kind personality. I knew I cared for him and I loved to be in his presence. He was so funny and had good taste in music. He always tried singing and I’d tease him that he was awful. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t awful at anything and he was a really good person all around. He loved the Lord like me, too.
                His phone rang several times on the ride down, in which he consistently ignored each call.
                “Who was calling, anyways?” I asked casually but was dying to know, once we reached our destination.
                “Don’t know but I’m with my babe so they can wait.” He said while he turned his phone off, unconcernedly.
                I walked with Roddy on the boardwalk, hand in hand, and splashed with him in the ocean. Overall it was a pleasurable day and a fond memory to add to our relationship timeline. As the days end drew near, I was beginning to view him in a different light, that this was someone I could be really serious with. This could be someone where things really go long-term.
                Roddy went into the bathroom and I sat out on the bench while I read a Facebook message on my phone from a girl I recognized to be Roddy’s ex named India. It was a lengthy, yet, informative message letting me know that Roddy was still in love with her, that he and her slept together while him and I started dating, and she was where he’d always be. I wanted to take this girl’s words with a grain of salt but I knew better. I knew Roddy would deny her accusations, just as Jerome denied the accusations taken against him as well. It hurt. I wasn’t anywhere near heartbroken but it stung. And even though I forgave and tried at the relationship again, I never forgot.
                Further into the relationship, things cooled down. After a sincere attempt to bring each other closer, India somehow weaseled her way back into the picture. And she did that often and there was no way for Roddy to control the situation. India was the most sour part of the relationship. Therefore, I gave up. I wanted to enjoy life, and give more focus to school instead of a complicated relationship.
                I came to the realization that some relationships are drama and unless you want to give your all in that relationship, you’re not going to want to deal with that relationship; especially if the drama presented itself from the gate. Even though Roddy was a good person, there was a lot of drama that came with him. India wasn’t the only person who didn’t approve of the relationship and chose to voice her feelings about it. When you experience true love, you want to fight tooth and nail for that person, and that wasn’t happening for me. Maybe it could’ve, but I couldn’t forget.
                All in all I learned not every happy relationship is true love. Actions speak way louder than words. They actually scream the obvious. If someone isn’t worth the fight, do not waste your time. If you want someone to stay by your side until the end of your days, infidelity isn’t the way to get there.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

London's Journal: Jerome Bush

          Writing for me is not only enjoyable but therapeutic. This July a very special occasion is going to be taking place in my life and I began writing today as I thought and London's Journal is what I came up with. This is only a way to get some of my thoughts out on paper. There's bound to be misspellings and grammar issues. If you're a complete fusspot, just leave a comment and I'll get to it soon. It's not the purpose of it, but ok.
          There will be a weekly London's Journal entry. I am perdicting there to be four entries total.

          Any author interested in an author introduction or author update, as usual, please e-mail
Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



“Boo Bay.” Jerome called to me from behind me at work. I never did like that nickname. I slowed my tracks and turned around to flash him a seductive smile. He greeted me with a tight hug.
                “Why ain’t you call me back last night?” he asked.
                “I was so tired.” I lied. I could have thought of a thousand other things that I had rather do that night than talk to him on the phone. So, I ignored his calls. All eight of them.
                Jerome Bush had the pleasure of being my boyfriend for around nine months now. However, the end was coming; I had grown bored of him.
                “I’ll meet you at your car at the end of your shift.” He kissed me on the cheek and left me to join his friends.
                Jerome and I both had part time jobs at a restaurant. He bussed tables and I was a waitress. As I went to grab my pad and paper, I watched him with his friends, being unproductive.
                “You know he’s unfaithful, London.” Andrea Cota, my good friend and co-worker, said from behind me.
                “I’ve heard, Drea. You’ve mentioned this several times.” I said tying my apron around my waist. It was true; I did hear that Jerome was living a disloyal life. Initially it was shocking, but I no longer cared. It’s been nine months and I haven’t given him the green light to take us to the next level. That was the farthest thing from my mind.
                Courtney was a tall girl with light eyes and kenkles. She never looked happy and even though her job was a waitress, you could always find her in the back with all the bus boys. Rumor was that Jerome was getting his needs handled by her. More power to them.
                “Why do you stay with him then? Everyone knows how he is and it sheds no positive light on your character.” Andrea told me before walking away.
                I knew Andrea was right. It did make me look desperate. Why did I stay with Jerome? I was tired of him. I had him completely figured out as a person and didn’t like who he was. On top of that, he couldn’t stay faithful. To be honest, I wasn’t sure. I found comfort in staying with him somehow, but I knew soon I’d come to my senses and jet.

                After a long day at work, I walked out to my car to see Jerome standing there. His dark green uniform soiled from working and his eyes beet red from taking a marijuana break with the guys out back.
                “Seriously, you need to stop smoking at work. Mr. Sandy is having security cameras installed, you’ll be sorry.”
                “Whatever, boo bay. I ain’t afraid of Mr. Sandy.” Okay, he didn’t say he wasn’t afraid of Mr. Sandy, he chose to use much more vulgar language. Often.  When Jerome used foul language it was when he displayed his tough guy persona. It was one of the things that initially attracted me to him. I felt safe in his presence. In my eyes, he was fearless and boy was that sexy – at first. Little did I know, his hard-guy act would become one of the main things pushing me away. Walking around with a careless thought process was dangerous and it would take you no where in life. Particularly with the fact that Jerome was a few years older, I expected him to care about some things. I expected him to take some responsibility in his life.
                I looked into his large brown eyes and watched his long eye lashes. He was certainly handsome, I suppose that’s how he caught the gray eyes of Courtney. He leaned in for a kiss on my lips. I gave a quick kiss back and could taste the cigarettes on his breath. Another nasty habit he possessed.
                “You know the man across the street from my mom’s place?”
                “You know I don’t, Jerome.” I said placing my bag into my car on the passenger side and shutting the door behind me. Usually Jerome sat with me in the car for a little bit, but I couldn’t be bothered tonight.
                “I’m gonna buy his car from him. Leather seats, less than 100,000 miles. It’s nice boo bay. Soon I’ll be driving you around the city.”
                “Sounds good.” I lied for the mere fact that I knew he was lying. He was always lying. He was always going to buy a car. With a suspended license and no money, a car wasn’t going to do him much good. He was always going to register for school. Jerome was an excellent drawer but he had yet to stand on the property of any art school. He swore he never saw Courtney for a single minute outside of work. Lies. Lies. Lies.
                He always told me what he thought I wanted to hear, whether there was any ounce of truth to his statements or not. It was annoying but I was happy I figured it out. Therefore, I also began to play him at his own game. He was the man of empty truths and I had become the Mrs. It was displayed when he asked why I was acting cold, or why I haven’t returned his voicemails, his letters, or his I love you’s.
                “I really need to be getting home now.” I said. It was late in the evening. The summer’s air was thick and still very warm.  “Call me later.” I told him before hopping into my car and driving away.

                Andrea and I both attended a small private college full-time. We coordinated our work and school schedules so that we could spend a lot of time together. Our busy schedules hindered our ability for allotted free time; this was our way to socialize and hang out so to speak. She was my best friend and knew me and my personal life better than anyone. We inspired each other to do our best and be our best. It’s important to have someone in your life like that. I certainly knew I did not have that in Jerome. He had the possibility of dragging me backwards instead of walking with me forward. Just like the saying, you are the company you keep. Andrea was my best and only true representation.
                “Where’s Jerome?” Courtney had the nerve to ask me before my shift the next day at work.
                “I don’t know.” Which was the truth. Jerome never called me that night and he never showed up for work the following day. I wasn’t completely disappointed and looked forward to a shift at work with no distractions. I was tired of everyone looking in my direction whenever Courtney went into the back. I was tired of taking orders and Jerome coming to kiss me in front of my customers. Wherever Jerome was, three cheers to him staying there, and me being able to carry professionalism and dignity to this day at work.
                That evening, no calls from Jerome came through to my phone. Completely odd. I figured he was upset from my abrupt departure the night before and I’d give some time to cool off.
                An entire week flies by, no word from Jerome. He had not shown up for work or tried to contact me. I gave in and called his home and his mother merely said he was not there with no indication as to where he might be. She didn’t sound worried so I didn’t press the issue. I thought perhaps he just quit and when he was ready to call me, he would.
                Another week passes by, and I gave up on calling his mother’s home. Work gave up scheduling him and I no longer put much thought into our strained relationship. I found a new, better paying job and left the restaurant.
                A whole month later, Jerome contacted me to tell me he was in a car accident and his mother didn’t tell me his whereabouts because she thought I’d want to hear it from him. I was unsure if I believed his story but I pretended I did. It wasn’t a very good reason to not contact me for a month and you appear perfectly healed 30 days later. To be honest, I think he had to serve some time in jail. It wasn’t an unknown arena to him or other immediate members of his life. It only took me weeks later to send up a break-up text. Goes to show how much I really valued our relationship.
                Instead of regretting this relationship with this male, I was grateful for the experience. He was happy living his life with a care-free attitude. He was happy being stagnant in his tracks and had no interest in improving his life. He had no problem not having a car or living with his mom. There were no plans on changing that. This is who he was and I knew I was not going to change him. What I did know was that I had no interest in entertaining a relationship like that any further. Coming to this realization probably was a lifesaver.
                I don’t speak to Jerome Bush any longer, not that I really would care to, but I expect his mentality to be no different than it was back then. I don’t expect him to be in any different of a situation than he used to be in. However, I do thank him and other males I have encountered in my life just like him. I thank them all for being a learning lesson. A lesson well-learned.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick and General Life Update

Hi Friends!

Life is a rollercoaster and we all know this without a doubt. 2012 has surely taken me on ride so far with both extreme highs and extreme lows. Despite the wild ride I'm on, I've been doing my best to remain level-headed, sane, and happy. I've been continuing to praise God as everything has been a learning experience and everything could always be worst. No matter what you're going through, there will be someone else who shows you how good you actually have it. There will be someone else filling much larger shoes, and in a situation you could never see yourself in. Yes, life is difficult, this is a fact for everyone but, we must learn how to live it to the fullest regardless and always be appreciative.

As a writer, I've taken into account everything that has been happening to me and using it as material. Lessons learned are GREAT material for writers. It can really get the juices flowing and create some really great work. It is motivation to continue streching my arms out in efforts to reach my goals.

My writing is far behind and the Secrets of Series has been changed and rearranged. I hope to post another update blog further explaining what I actually have been working on in the near future.

I hope all my writer friends, especiallly the ones featured on my blog have been working hard on their writing material as we are all anxious to support! It's important to support and uplift on another!

If anyone is interested, please e-mail if you'd like to be featured for an 'Author Introduction.' I'd love to share you as an author and your work with others! Also, any authors who have been featured and have updated information about their work, please e-mail me as well!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog entry and I wish you a wonderful week!

Paige Hurtado

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Women and Abusive Relationships: A Sad Truth

I'm not an expert on the topic but due to recent events I feel I want to bring awareness to the topic of women in abusive relationships.
Why do women return to abusive relationships?
Fear for their lives. Fear for the lives of others involved. Fear of being alone.
It could be because children have been brought into the situation and the women want to stay for them. Or, economically the women feel they can't afford to leave. 
Many girls aware that are aware that they're in an abusive relationship but they make excuses for the man boy they are with. He'll change, it was an accident, he was stressed, it was my fault. They claim they need to stay because they love him and many look at the situation as he is the only who will love them. Why?
Low self-esteem.
Being in any type of abusive relationship can severely lower your self-esteem. With the belittling acts, the running outside of the relationship, the physical abuse, the harsh names, the threats, etc how could any women stand that, everyday. Constantly being beaten down.
"Any person who loves you would not feel comfortable repeatedly hurting you."
It's sad. Simple as that. And it's happening way too often. Look at the highly publicized relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. Regardless, if she has forgiven him, she should forgive and move on, not involve him in her work and her future projects.   
Abusive relationships aren't defined by physical abuse alone. Emotionally and mentally abusive relationships are just as harmful.
If you or someone you know or love is in an abusive relationship please contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) Please take advantage of all options available to you. Talk to someone and be supportive to those who need you.
"Moral of the story is love is not pain."
Quotes are courtesy of "When The Bad Outweighs the Good" written by Satara Cali. For more information on Satara Cali's article "When The Bad Outweighs the Good" please contact her at visit her at and follow her on twitter @thaatcaligood.